The Final Countdown

The time before new years was crazy packed.  With both lack of sleep due to Winter Comiket 91 and Tetsuya, I still decide that it is a smart decision to go party at the Shinjuku Face for Polyphonix Countdown Party.  Just for Reference, my schedule for the past few days looked like this, there wasn’t much time to sleep.


Speaking of which, I didn’t even sleep during the time I was doing tetsuya.  The overall experience of Comiket was amazing as a first timer although summer comiket might be out of the question for me due to the fact that I loathe the humid heat.  Anyways back to New years Eve, Polyphonix had a lineup of DJs that I just simply couldn’t pass up on.  Here is a link to the Event if anyone is interested.  The performance was amazing lined up with 90% of them being bemani artists/contributers.  I mean partying off the new year with Noriken, P*light, Genki, Kors K, Minoshima, Kamome Sano, Ujico, C-Show, Mad Child, RemoCon, and Nhato is like the best thing ever.

Well now that 2016 is over, the next clock ticking is my time left in Japan.  It’s hard to say but to miss Japan while still being in Japan is very depressing.  All the experiences so far have been positive.  The streets are also safe and clean.  Convenience can be found at arm’s reach.  There is a vast selection of variety.  Why would one really want to leave?  Well other than working in Japan and the rush hour trains, there probably isn’t much negativity.

Lets aim to release a CD before I leave.


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