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Ichiran – Another Ramen shop

I love the ramen in Japan.  There are just so many different flavors and tastes out there.  This time, I went to Ichiran.  A place that I frequent because of the available customizations you can make to the ramen.  Also there are many branches all around Japan.


They have the option for an english menu if you ask for one.  In this place, we start by ordering our ramen from a vending machine.  The vending machine will give us a ticket and from there, we take a seat in rows of private booths.


Eating with a group of people?  No need to worry as these walls can be opened up so you can enjoy this ramen with your friends.   After being seated, you will be asked to fill out a form to customize the ramen to your tastes.  After you finish, the staff behind the table will take your ticket and form to prepare your ramen.  At each station, you can also fill up water as you please.


I enjoy my ramen usually with 3 extra slices of Chasiu pork because meat in Japan is amazingly tender and flavorful.  The total comes down to 1070 yen for this.

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