Winter 2017 – Half Time

So, whats still good this season?  After all, preference is based on personal opinion.  So i’ll share what I believe to be the best so far of this season.  I will categorize them into 8 categories.  Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life, Mystery/Thriller, Action, Casual, Music/Idol, and Sports.

Without further ado, here is the list.

Best Comedy goes to Konosuba 2


Runner ups:
Gabriel Dropout
Kobayashi Maid Dragon

Best Romance goes to Masamune-kun’s Revenge


Runner ups:
Kuzu no Honkai

Best Slice of Life goes to Little witch Academia


Runner ups:
Demi-chan wa kataritai
3-gatsu no lion

Best Mystery/Thriller goes to Chaos;Child


Runner ups:
ACCA 13-ku
Youjo Senki

Best Action goes to Hand Shakers


Runner ups:
Ao no Exorcist S2
Tales of Zesteria X 2

Best Casual Anime goes to Demi-chan wa Kataritai


Runner ups:
Urara Meirochou
Little Witch Academy

Best Music/Idol goes to Fuuka


Runner ups:
Bang Dream
Hand Shakers (OST)

Best Sports Anime goes to Yowamushi Pedal


Runner ups:

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